Your darkness shows us the light (1. Album)


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This is our first full length album.
Including all our first songs from 2004 - 2007.
Except "Sounds like war" which is on our first Demo from 2005.

Also got some visual stuff from that time ... ;)



Making of videos coming soon...
( I had to delete them as I was building a new youtube channel... sorry for that.) keep in touch

Enjoy. <3


released March 1, 2007

Released on Fatsound-Records in 2008.
Recorded in the Tritone-Studios in Hof/Germany.

Musicians on this Album are:

Matti - Drums&Vox
Patrick - Bass&Vox
Paul - Guitar&Vox

Appearing guests on this album are:

Patrik Rothemund from "Nervöus"
Boris Hager from "Arcana Cain"
Bernd Friebe from "Dressed in dreams"
Heiko Baumgärtner from "Lazy dogs"

( for further infos check the Bonus Items. )



Track Name: Our sudden awakening
To the world!
“What the hell is going on? Fuck, what have we done?”
Our progress in development means destroying on and on!
We’re poisoning our seas! We’re lumbering too many precious trees!
Mother earth strikes back!
Natural disasters increase! Everyday a new deadly disease!
If we keep going on treating this place like our whore,
there will be no one and nothing left at all and we will fall!
We’re turning consumption into abuse and still don’t see the cons!
We’re satisfying just our demands, “Hey, we’re the clever ones” ?!
So we’re still polluting our air and no one seems to care!
Where will we run, when there’s no place left to hide?
And who will guide us in our darkest final night?
Track Name: Tribute
You make us laugh and cry and we will slave until the day that we die,
for the rest of our lives!
And so we’ll sing till our throats are dry, everyday into the night,
till the end of our lives!
And so we play this fucking pain away, just try to improve your day!
Well, we have found this, this fitting sound,
that is guiding us day in and out!
Lots of things they come and go but we’ve bonded our souls on you!
Keep it simple, keep it real, showing people what we feel!
Gotta play that away!!!
Track Name: Utopia
Imagine a worldwide community of constantly content living,
where borders fall and we form unity!
Come join our chorus singing, no matter who you are.
We believe in our Utopia! I’m sure we can come so far!
We believe in our Utopia! I’m sure we can come so far!
A prejudiceless society and liberty is winning.
Hand in hand based on equality!
We need to release..... I believe in my Utopia!
You need to be the change you expect from humanity!
(whispering) It starts in our heads! That’s how it’s supposed to be!
Dusk led us into sorrow, no one said the world is changing today
but night will pass and bear tomorrow
and once we’ll wake to a new dawn’s ray!
I believe in love among us all!
I believe ,we believe, do you believe?
We’re determined to create a brand new world!
Thus we need to release our hearts from hate and greed competition and our jealousy!
Track Name: No need to crawl
Through all centuries we’ve been forced
to follow your lies and fight all your wars.
And if your damn Gods were really trying,
why can’t they avoid your crying?
Get up on your feet because there is no need ,no need to crawl!
You should wake up before you stumble, stumble and fall!
“God is my name and you are nothing, nothing at all!”
Their ancient moral and inhuman values imply suppression
even to those who don’t believe,
and the few positive ideas your faith pursues
are just means to an end so the doom can’t be seen but ...
I question the people’s need for gods in order to believe
that there is a certain meaning of life,
‘cause this will only feed your leaders greed
for more and more influence and might!
Escape from their dogmas! Unravel the enigma!
Track Name: Calling for change
NOW! it’s time for you to see, we’re calling for a change
so a brand new age can rise!
No matter what you do, nor how hard you may try,
it still means your demise!
From whispering to screaming, from bleeding to healing.
People learn to disobey, to refuse and to say no, NO!
and they`re turning up their cries,
against this life of injustice ,you push us to by threat of force
and against your system which we despise!
You can’t hold back an entire movement forever nor for long,
‘cause the fate of endless discontent is turning billion strong.
We’re sick of hoping, we’ll fight!
An increasing change in minds, worldwide!
We gonna bring the light! Tonight!
Neither all the scared silent ones who haven’t yet realized your lies,
nor the growing few with their loaded guns
who already aim between your eyes,
will hesitate to use their heads or hands, they’re already taking action, devising plans... for a global act of resistance!
And so without fear we are still standing here,
with scars which will remain,
let desperation disappear, ‘cause it seems your end is near
and we’re close to our aim.
Track Name: Just a kiss!?
8.p.m. I’m ‘bout to go just to another punkrock-show.
I’ll join this celebration -tonight- we gonna party! Right?
And then I see
her starring at me.
Did she recognize me?
Little miss, just a kiss, cause I don’t know how it is
to feel your lips, touch your hips.
I bet I can’t resist your eyes!
First look ,one glance, I grab her hands, we drink we dance till 6 a.m.
Beer stained shirts and dirty pants, In bed she asks who I am?!
And again she’s starring at me.
Will she wake up with me?
Track Name: We Will Fly
You can’ t apologize for leading our heads!
For too many years we have been oppressed!
We need to stop your continual threat!
We will fly, do you want us to prove?
Escape your lie, we need our own truth,
won’ t follow you, got nothing to lose!
We don’ t want to be tied by you!
Don’ t tell us what to think and to do!
We’ll get rid of our chains and break through!
Change our status quo!
And if you’re asking why!? Your damn way is not mine!
It’s independence-time!
We take a liberating ride, straight to a different side,
we can even see your shadows behind!
Crash into the sky, your darkness shows us the light!
Rising tonight, you’ll look up and see us shine, you’ll look up and see... WE WILL FLY!!
Track Name: Battle of words (Revenge)
I hate you liar and I want you to take it back
or it will hit you like a shot in your head.
All those rumours coming across your jealous lips
and the others are believing that shit!
You made my raging motor go, my revenge will uncover the truth.
You made my raging motor go, this is my revenge
Patience and kindness gone without a trace,
my anger will hit you like a punch in your face.
Betrayed and though it really hurts, I’ll keep this just a battle of words!
This is my revenge, let’s bring this to an end,
fuck your lies and your fucking rumours you won’t fuck with me again!
Track Name: Make 'em fall
This is a shame not a scene, supposed to be just a dead dream!
And they’ll be what they once have been, a fucking nazi-regime,
if we don’t take a stand. Together we can make ‘em fall again!
Break the noise in those people’s cries and take, take back control!
Light up all those blinded eyes so they can see the whole truth! Now!
Right here, right now we should draw the line
and prove the fascist our strength!
We have a chance to avert the crime,
just smash their damn signs again and them!
Track Name: Scales
Without a mission or symptoms of vision we’re struggling through this game our so-called life.
We won’t win unless we fight!
Without an aim our motives are lame, we’re diving in a sea of shame
and it won’t stop to rain, won’t stop to rain, until we drain our tears!
So take your chance and follow the silent voice inside your heart,
try to fix your broken wings and just go for a restart!
Learn to believe there is so much we can achieve
if we just focus all our power on our dreams!
Weight of the world? Scales are rust!
Relume the passion once you’ve lost!
Track Name: EmpTV
With quite blank eyes and the mind shut off,
tied to the couch we only gaze numbly into the screen,
by which we’re getting beamed
straight to a totally surreal place,
where we can soothe our daily ache,
blindly follow the media’s fake,
get lost in their electronical haze,
which is misleading the whole human-race!
Because we take everything for real, every shit we see, I love my TV!
Everyday revealed on the screen, society shows its ugly face
and we don’t even complain ‘bout the theft on our brain
and rather err through their virtual maze,
With their philosophy of entertainment and superficiality
they keep us dumb to guarantee that we fit their machinery
and so we settle for less than the best,
kept trapped in our mental slavery
dazzled by the twinkling lights and role model jerks broadcasted each day on tv ,emptv!
Track Name: Life should be...
Life, should be like this melody, be easy and it should be free to everyone I see,
but in life happiness or misery mostly depends on the prenataly predefined rank in society
You see ‘em, you hear ‘em crying loud!
You see ‘em, you hear ‘em, don’t ignore their shouts!
You see ‘em, you hear ‘em, think about that we still can turn our mankind around!
You see ‘em, you hear ‘em, crying loud!
You see ‘em, you hear ‘em, don’t ignore their shouts!
You see ‘em, you hear ‘em, think about the millions of lives, oh doesn’t that count?
Try to change the story of human worry .... let me tell you...
Life, a world led by our apathy, most people are so selfishly striving just for their needs.
Life, no one cares for nobody, we simply lack of solidarity, for all the poor and the weak. Yeah we`ll bleed.
Why are so many people blind?
Can’t they open up their minds?
Won’t they see what lurks behind the curtains of their eyes!?
Try to find the answer
Try to change the story of human worry!
We need to build a unity for human rights and equality
all over the world help is needed so raise your fists for humanity!