Bangarang​!​! (2​.​Album)


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Bangarang!! is our 2nd full length album from 2010.
It includes all songs from the Demo 2009.
Also including the accoustic Bonustrack "I hate police"
which is more of a "I am drunk at the bar getting prepared for may first" fun song.

Also got some visual stuff from that time:


Making of videos coming soon...
( I had to delete them as I was building a new youtube channel... sorry for that.) keep in touch

Enjoy ;)


released May 12, 2010

All our songs from 2008 - 2010.
Released 2010 on Fatsound-Records.
Recorded in the Hidden Planet Studios in Berlin/Germany.

Musicians on Bangarang:

Matti- Drums&Vox
Horn- Bass&Vox
Paul. Guitar&Vox

Appearing guests on this album are:

Patrik Rothemund, Diana Vu & Irem Kara from "Nervöus"
Quentin Dufay from "Frontkick"
Eric (Ex-member in "Save the embers")
Johannes Wojtowicz
Anna Strauss

( for further infos check the bonus items )



Track Name: Fervid
Full speed ahead we accelerated too fast
just to come in first where there`s no last
Somewhere along the past way we must have totally went astray
and now we head, head over heels for our own decay
but some sparks inflamed a torch.
Afire ... the light is lit and we can quit to fit into this shit
We got a guiding flame out of your maze
Afire ... hearts revived by its blaze to find the final saving grace to end the...
... human's race against the human race !!!!!
Full speed ahead we accelerated too fast
just to come in first where there`s no last
(Eventually) it's always up to us to get our act together
so let's take just the next turn for the better
Track Name: Archivists
Just like archivists conserving death into fragile tanks of glass
we tend to retain everything that happend in our past
to justify our present so we can simply carry on
with everything we did whether right or wrong
We hand down suffering
We pass just everything on
not even questioning
the slightest thing
We are self-appointed guardians of the fucking status-quo
and we don't even know.
No, we just can't let go
We are self-righteous saviors and fake heroes
and we don't even know.
Yet haven't learned to let go
Standstill of progress is the process
we uphold blindfold and hopeless.
We propagate our knowledge with wisdom from a storage
respsonsible for this mess
Reverting to this stockroom will always lead us to doom
and one day it will collapse.
Track Name: Bangarang!!
This one's for you who you love dancing under the sun
when it's shinin' down.
This one's for you who you love laughing and having fun
with your friends around
For you, who you dare to let your mind grow
For you resisting their stranglehold
A progressive stronghold
You never back down
you never submit yourself to control
Never leaving Neverland
Never leaving ain't gonna grow old won't let our spirits mold
no more reign of the old men....
....Bangarang !!
This one is only for you who you choose to do
whatever whenever you want it to
yet treating everyone respectfully around you
Life´s all about brother- and sisterhood
We are the lost boys and girls
We`re an island and we`ll defend the tiny paradise we've built
You don't need to forgive us cuz we don't feel any guilt
You don't need to help us, all by ourselves we wanna quest
so what we find means bliss in oblivion apart from the rest
...I wanna be free!
Track Name: Fuck your flags
Our entire world's divided into an us and you
but actually this planet belongs us all in equal shares
but we sold it out, privatized our common land
and made sure that nearly no one fucking cares
Fuck your flags
They just breed hate
Fuck your flags because...
The greed of former kings and queens formed relatives to enemies
and split the whole humanity into antagonized territories
so still we`re stuck and do believe we had to conform to this reality
and that it'd be necessary to repeat our previous history !!
Forgotten brothers and sisters across the borders and overseas
We came to notice our fake differences and ignore our similarities
These “others” they’re us coequal people just like you and me
Each country a cage made to foment rage
towards our own race so we're not feeling safe
and find cohesion only in blind patriotism
security in armed and fenced in nationalism
That's how the big men maintain their control
Track Name: The breather
( no lyrics )
Track Name: Lullabies
A malicious deceit malicious deceit based on pointless trying
to sell atrocity as good economy with methods fully blinding
Killers and thieves having their prosperity increased
The sateless beast fed at the expense of peace
We got deceived by their countless lies
their fake alibis by ourselves trusting these lullabies !
An exploitive disease exploitive disease From slavery to needless dying
How many will decease how many more will decease
while a few keep on (money) multiplying?
We harvest what they sowed
It‘s just like someone pressed rewind back to black friday 29
Track Name: Butterflies&Unicorns
When I was just a little boy my mother told me
" Son, find something worth to believe in and never hide or run,
Speak out and stand up for what you chose to strive (for)
and never mind these voices wanting to sway your life! "
I've found hope and faith within these words accompanied by those chords
I've found truth and strength beyond the stream inside a scene
I grew to a hopeless love loving rebell
a rebelling passive-fist, anarchist, optimist, idealist.
I've set my goals towards a world different from this.
Our core starts to roar...
Let's go all for one and one for all if we stay united we never gonna fall
Let's go one for all and all for one fellows share one corporate dream
Track Name: Undying times
6 punks in a halfway broken van
spent 21 days a journy wihtout a certain plan
Chaotically and uncontrolled, a little tale worth to be told
Undying times of defeats and victories
Undying times of memories
We hit the road an unknown one followed our hearts restless and young
We travelled south heading for the sun been gone from home quite long to sing our songs
Lighter to that shit 4 track in the trunk
banging out the tapedeck when Judy was a punk
Homie scare your mind you will never know
just sunglasses down and go
Germany Beligum the Netherlands we never left out a night to dance
Portugal Spain and a bit of bitter France
Vacation for heart and soul powered by punk `n roll and hardcore
We spread our dear held goals found things we didn‘t know we had fun with everyone on any show
Undying times we don‘t regret a single thing we did
This is devotion & addiction
We wouldn‘t trade for anything we could have had instead
Track Name: Cutting cracks in a glazier´s cage
Forced to conform to antiquated traditions
Enslaved to obey oldfashioned norms and misleading visions
We are pawns in their games We play our roles we play them safe
Listen up right now if you crave for relief
Listen up right now if you seek for release
from all those cultural boundaries...
Raised to rely on society's majority
hence we still cling to an obsolete morality
We are pawns in their games We play our roles we play them safe
Don't you listen when they say
Don't you listen when they tell you to think realistically
Don't you fall prey when they give you a fake right to speak
Lies lies lies so you mourn more quietly
The future is not prearranged, only we can bring the change!